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Pick up:


Økernveien 145

0580 OSLO



by appointment only

About Sensual Couture

A small independently owned business that had its origin during the corona crisis.  For now we are focusing on all sorts of leather items, and some vinyl, but we plan to branch out into rubber harnesses during 2022.  The items shown in this site are just a sample of what we can offer, and the intention is to focus mainly on custom orders (M2M).  Send an email for a non-binding quote on custom gear.

(Young Couture Org 926962752​)

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How do I track my order?


At the moment we only offer tracking on packages within Noway.  Soon we expect to have international tracking possibilities as well. 

If an item is ordered with tracking, you will recieve the tracking number in an email. 




What are your delivery options?


Delivery is possible in certain parts of Oslo.  Pick up is also available at our location at Økern in Oslo.




How do I cancel an order?

Production starts immediately after an order is placed. If you wish to cancel an order you must email us at with your order number as soon as possible, and we will decide on refund depending on how far we have come in production at that time.

What is your returns policy?


Because of the intimate nature of the products we do not accept returns at this time.

What is your domestic shipping policy (within Norway)?


We have several shipping options within Norway, depending on the size and weight of the order.  




Do you provide International Shipping?


We  do provide international shipping, at the moment without tracking, but soon we expect to be able to offer tracking services on international packages as well.



What if my order has a defect?


If the items you have ordered suffer from manufacturing defects or are not what you ordered, we will repair or replace them free of charge, depending on the circumstances. Manufacturing defects will be rectified at our own cost. We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by misuse or poor care of items.

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